Plain Jane

For all of you who are anxious to start reading the next book club pick, the May/June title will be one of my personal favorites, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë!

55507_image_148x230Charlotte Brontë’s enduring classic-the story of a young woman’s quest for love and acceptance in Victorian England. The young orphan Jane Eyre inhabits a fragile position. Born to a good family but with no wealth of her own, Jane is sent to live with her uncle’s family-an arrangement that turns sour when he dies-and then to Lowood, a punitive and tyrannically run boarding school for girls. As she matures into adulthood, Jane’s fiery spirit and independence grow more acute, as does her sensitivity to the world around her. Now governess of the secluded Thornfield Hall, the first place she has ever really felt at home, Jane falls in love with the passionate and impulsive Edward Rochester, master of the house. Just when it seems her luck has finally changed, Jane discovers the secret of the attic-a terrible revelation that threatens to destroy her dreams of happiness forever. Narrated in the unforgettable voice of its remarkable heroine, Jane Eyre is a timeless tale of heartbreak, mystery, and romance that shines a brilliant light into the dark corners of Victorian society.

Check out Jane Eyre from your local library and start reading! And don’t forget that My Ántonia discussions are happening all this month on our Facebook page!


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